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Message from Jerome Otchere: "Come back, Akonnor"

Tue, 1 Aug 2023 Source:

It's safe to say that we still have enough ground to cover in taking good care of the technical handlers our national teams, especially given that national team coaches are owed money for the work they have done and that one of them, C. K. Akonnor, disagrees with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on payments made to him.

CK, who was ousted as Black Stars coach in September 2021, has refuted the assertion made by Hon. Mustapha Ussif, Minister of Youth and Sports, claiming he received $100,000 from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I often distrust what politicians say, but after CK's denial, I began to wonder who was telling the truth.


For the record, CK once claimed that no one interfered with his work while he was coaching the Black Stars, but after being fired, he said that it was well known that players had been forced onto him. We are aware that he was unable to tell the truth while working.

A breakdown of the money made to CK is provided by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. They claim that in October 2021, following his dismissal, CK earned GHS318,378 ($54,054). CK then had GHS335,675 ($54,054) in February 2022.

CK received GHS860,000 ($100,000) in January and was then given the option of accepting a US$30,000 cheque or a bank transfer, which he chose to do on July 31, 2023. Therefore, CK had US$508,108 in total, leaving US$220,000 as the remainder.

If CK can clarify how much he has received in comparison to the data presented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, or even just what he meant when he said, "I never received the kind of money the minister mentioned [US$100k]," that could be helpful. Although I don't want to disclose the amount, it was not $100,000.

The general people won't be so gullible as to accept what the Ministry of Youth and Sports wrote without challenging it, but dear CK, you either return or your claim can't be regarded seriously.