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On September 29, regional football association elections will take place.

Thu, 3 Aug 2023 Source:

The Ghana Football Association has formally confirmed the dates for the elections for the Regional Football Association.


On September 29, the elections will be held, bringing together football supporters and stakeholders from diverse areas.

The Regional FA elections are of utmost significance since they choose the local football organization's president and general manager.

People across the country will be running for posts in the Regional Football Associations during the elections.

While many of these current leaders are keen to keep up their positions of authority, they will face opposition. As ambitious people come forward to compete for these prominent roles within their districts, fierce competition is expected.

The Ghanaian football community is anticipating potential changes and new leadership that could result from upcoming elections as it prepares for them. The results of these elections will have a significant impact on how grassroots football is organised in each region.

With September 29 circled on the calendar, the countdown to the appointment of fresh faces to direct and encourage the development of football at the local level has begun.