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UBA Ghana works with women to promote financial literacy

Thu, 3 Aug 2023 Source:

In order to advance its inclusive banking mission in Ghana, UBA invited women from the unorganised sector to Accra's first female mayor's financial literacy programme.

The "Conversations with Accra Women in Informal Sector" event sought to economically empower women while also gathering information to address the difficulties they encounter.

Josephine Amo-Asare, the business manager for Tema Business Office, spoke during the programme and discussed three key components of financial literacy: "Making Money, Saving Money, and Growing Your Money."

She emphasised the value of perseverance and customer appreciation while delivering top-notch services. This guidance can help women in the unorganised sector increase their earnings and business opportunities.

Josephine emphasised the need of saving money and provided an allocation plan. She suggested setting aside 10% for tithing, 20% for savings or investing, and 70% for predetermined costs. This strategy can help women manage their money wisely and create a solid financial foundation.

She also offered advice on how to increase financial wealth through investments and dividend reinvestment. She emphasised the value of thoroughness and discipline in sustaining financial progress.

Her practical yet profound strategy of using maize, avocados and yams to reduce the seed and fruit portion of every dollar received and the need for the women to distinguish between the two while maintaining discipline to plant their seeds to ensure a reliable harvest in return delved deeper with her audience.

The involvement of UBA Ghana in such admirable projects demonstrates the bank's dedication to its corporate social responsibility goal of empowering people. UBA exhibits its commitment to have a good impact outside of its core banking services by supporting initiatives that promote financial literacy and women's economic empowerment.

Overall, these programmes are essential for raising financial literacy and strengthening the economic security of women working in the unorganised sector, which supports community sustainability.