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A Ghanaian Woman Was Deported From The United States To Ghana And Found Dead After Being Struck By A Vehicle..

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

A Ghanaian woman was deported from the United States to Ghana due to her lack of legal documentation.

The woman subsequently found employment as a restaurant dish washer in Ghana.

She died at Accra's Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after being struck by a vehicle near the hospital.

Reportedly, a Ghanaian woman deported from the United States of America to Ghana has passed away.

According to a friend of the deceased, Frimpongmaa died at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital after being struck by a vehicle. She proceeded to the hospital to see her daughter, who was hospitalised.

Freda Afriyie described in a video how Frimpongmaa's sister sent her an audio recording informing her of her brother's passing.

"I told the tale of a woman who was recently deported to Ghana. Today, her sister informed me of her demise through audio and visual media.

"On Friday, Frimpongmaa was informed that her daughter had been injured at school and transported to the hospital. Due to her daughter's condition, she hurried to the first hospital, only to be informed that she had been transferred to Korle-Bu. She boarded a taxi and travelled to Korle-bu. When they arrived and she was crossing the street, she was struck by an automobile. She was taken to the hospital, where she died at dawn, Freda sobbed as she related the story.

Ghana's deportation of Frimpongmaa

According to Freda, the deceased was deported after being reported by a fellow Ghanaian.

She explained that Frimpongmaa worked in the United States using documents belonging to another Ghanaian, so her earnings were deposited into that individual's bank account.

Despite earning $70,000, Frimpongmaa's earnings were sealed in the account of the Ghanaian with whose papers she was working.

One day, Frimpongmaa went to collect her debt from her creditor. However, the woman stated she was ill and unable to accompany her to the bank. Doctors advised her to remain at home for two months, so Frimpongmaa had to wait that long to receive her money.

But Frimpongmaa suggested using Uber to transport them to and from the bank. However, this resulted in an altercation. The woman contacted her husband and the police to report that she had been attacked by Frimpongmaa.

Frimpongmaa was deported after the police discovered she lacked legal documents to remain in America following her arrest.

Source: Ghana News Update