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Akuffo Jonas, a Ghanaian Man Currently Incarcerated, Claims He Was Arrested After Confronting A Church Pastor About Infidelity.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

A Ghanaian man serving a two-year prison sentence, Akuffo Jonas, admitted he insulted his pastor employer over a dispute over a car he was driving and paying GH400 per week for.

The car's engine was damaged, and the pastor attempted to reclaim it, leaving Jonas frustrated because he had been unable to save money during his 1.5 years of employment.

After an altercation at the man's church, Jonas decided to hide the vehicle, which resulted in the pastor reporting the incident to the police and his subsequent imprisonment.

Akuffo Jonas, a Ghanaian man presently serving a two-year prison sentence, has revealed that he insulted his boss, who was also a pastor, leading to his incarceration.

According to Jonas, the pastor employed him as a driver and paid him GH400 per week.

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However, after a year and a half of service, the pastor's car sustained engine damage, and he attempted to return it rather than replace the engine. Infuriated and offended by the circumstances, Jonas confronted his supervisor at the church.

"During the year and a half that I laboured, I was unable to save anything. My wife and I have two children. His action hurt me, but I lament it now."

In an attempt to prevent the pastor from taking the automobile, Jonas hid it, prompting the pastor to contact the police. As a consequence, Jonas faced legal repercussions for his actions.

Source: Ghana News Update