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Children Are Not A Privilege, So Don't Have Them If You're Poor - Ghanaian Man Shared

Sat, 5 Aug 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

Children are not blessings; if you do not have enough money, do not have children-Man.

An arguments about bringing children into the world without the means to care for them is a grievous disservice to humanity and that, contrary to the notion that children are blessings, they can become a liability in such situations.

According to him, the decision to have children without adequate resources is the primary cause of the rising number of beggars and thieves on the streets, while simultaneously blaming the government for their plight. Even if the government were to improve, he emphasised, the situation would not change significantly if financial readiness for parenthood is neglected.

He questioned the purpose of bringing someone into existence if the parents derive pleasure from it but subject the infant to suffering due to a lack of resources.

Before deciding to have children, you should ensure that you have adequate financial resources to provide for them. Instead of being regarded as investments, children should be invested in for their well-being and future.

Source: Ghana News Update