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During An Alledged Altercation, A Level 200 Student Was Stabbed By His Female Best Friend.

Tue, 25 Jul 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

A female closest friend of a level 200 student allegedly stabbed him during an altercation following a minor misunderstanding.

In a shocking incident, his female closest friend st*bbed him during a heated argument in her room while he was level 200. The altercation occurred as they attempted to dispel rumours about the individual. However, investigations have uncovered contradictory accounts, casting doubt on the lady's self-defense claim.

Initial reports indicate that the young man visited the room of his female closest friend to discuss the rumours surrounding him. According to witnesses, he wanted her to cease spreading them because they were causing him distress.

Unfortunately, the conversation soured, resulting in a dispute between the two acquaintances. The specifics of the argument are unclear, but it escalated to the point where the female closest friend stabbed the male.

The woman claimed that she acted in self-defense because the man attempted to impose himself on her. Nonetheless, investigators have not uncovered any concrete evidence to support her claim, casting doubt on her account.

As the investigation continues, authorities are analysing all evidence and witness statements to determine the truth about the assault. They urge the public to refrain from speculation until all facts have been thoroughly examined.

The injured level 200 player received prompt medical care and is reportedly in stable condition, with full recovery anticipated.

The community is in astonishment and disbelief because the two were known to have a close relationship prior to this tragic event. As more information emerges, family and friends remain concerned and hope for a prompt resolution."

Source: Ghana News Update