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Fashion Mistakes: The Do’s With Sneakers and The Don’ts

Tue, 19 Sep 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

Fashion is a constantly changing industry where there are no limits to inventiveness. Sneakers with diverse clothing has become one of the most well-known contemporary fashion trends.

Even though many people have enjoyed this trend, there are still times when the pairing falls short. Let’s look at the outfits that go well with sneakers and the ones that don’t.

The Do’s

1. Activewear and athleisure: Since trainers were originally made for athletics, it’s not surprising that they go great with athleisure and activewear. Sneakers go perfectly with joggers, yoga pants and leggings. This outfit is a success because of the harmony of comfort and style.

2. Jeans: In contemporary fashion, trainers and jeans have become a classic combination. This combination is always appropriate, whether you choose high-top trainers with faded denim or traditional white trainers with skinny jeans. It seamlessly straddles the line between casual and fashionable.

3. Skirts and Casual Dresses: Combine your trainers with a casual dress or skirt for a stylish and cosy ensemble. This combo keeps you comfortable while giving your outfit a hint of sporting flair.

4. Shorts: Shorts and trainers go together like summertime and heaven. This outfit offers both fashion and functionality, making it ideal for doing errands, going for a run, or simply taking in a warm day.

5. Track Suits: The traditional tracksuit, a cousin of athleisure, is yet another outfit that goes well with trainers. This outfit has an athletic and carefree vibe, making it perfect for running errands or stylishly unwinding.

The don’ts

1. Formal Clothing: Sneakers and formal dresses or suits don’t typically go together, despite some brave fashionistas’ attempts. Sneakers are typically too informal for formal settings and can take away from an outfit’s grandeur.

2. Business clothing: It’s a style mistake to pair trainers with slacks or other professional workplace attire. In the office, it’s crucial to keep a professional image, and trainers often don’t fit this dress code.

3. Evening dresses: An exquisite evening gown and trainers are probably the most flagrant mismatch. It can be startling when the casualness of the trainers contrasts with the glitz of the gown.

4. Long, Flowy Dresses: Although long, flowy dresses can seem like they would go well with trainers for a boho-chic style, the combination frequently looks off. Dresses that are more fitted or tailored complement this combo best.

5. Leather Pants: Leather pants have a rock-and-roll edge, but the contrast can be too strong when worn with sneakers. For a more polished appearance while wearing leather trousers, use sleeker shoe alternatives.

Sneakers have surely left their impact on the fashion industry by providing a cosy and adaptable option for footwear. There are restrictions on their suitability, despite the fact that they go well with a variety of ensembles.

Striking a balance between personal style and event appropriateness is crucial when experimenting with fashion. Whether you’re wearing trainers or another form of footwear, the best fashion decisions are those that make you feel good about yourself and at ease.

Source: Ghana News Update