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Real Faces of House Helps Who Stole Millions From Cecelia Dapaah's Home Pops Up

Wed, 9 Aug 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

Cecilia Dapaah's servants who stole $1,000,000 USD, $300,000 EUR, and millions of CEDI have had their true identities revealed for the first time.

Patience Botwe, 18, and Sarah Agyei, 30, along with their partners and families, were in court today, according to reports.

As seen in the popular court session recordings, they attempted to conceal their identities, but photographers were still able to capture images of them.

Madam Cecelia Dapaah and her two housekeepers gained notoriety last month after the former minister of sanitation filed a lawsuit against them for allegedly stealing millions of Ghana cedis, $300,000, and $1 million from her.

Later, it was disclosed that Patience Botwe used some of the money she and her accomplice stole to purchase a home and other expensive real estate.

According to credible sources, Sarah Agyei allegedly stole GHC 50,000 from both her father and her companion.

Patince and Sarah have remained silent for more than two weeks despite dominating the local digital landscape.

Patience admitted on a viral tape that she had indeed used her erstwhile mistress' funds to purchase a home.

As Sarah affirmed, she and her boyfriend went to Madam Cecilia Dapaah's home to apologise, but she was brutally beaten.

She described how Madam Cecilia Dapaah hit her with a 'banku ta' and poured boiling water and pepper on her.

Source: Ghana News Update