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Real Owner Of The $ 800k Found In Cecelia Dapaah's Home Revealed

Wed, 9 Aug 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

The circumstances concerning the origin of the $800,000 stolen by Cecilia Dapaah appear to change daily.

Irene Irene Kensah, who was initially unaware of the existence of the $800,000, has also retained the services of a lawyer to recover the amount owed to them since Mr. Adom Otchere came forward and claimed that $800,000 of the millions discovered in the Former Minister's home belonged to Cecilia Dapaah's deceased brother.

In order to expose Mr. Adom Otchere and Ms. Cecilia Dapaah for their deliberate defamation of a deceased man, neighbours of the deceased shoemaker also came forward to tell the tale of the deceased man.

The charge papers have been amended expeditiously to prevent further problems and public embarrassment for the former minister of Sanitation and Water resources.

In the amended charge document, the following is stated:

"Patience Botwe (hairdresser) and Sara Agyei (unemployed) did dishonestly appropriate cash in the amount of $800,000 belonging to Cecilia Abena Dapaah sometime in the year 2022 at Abelemkpe in the Greater Accra region and within the jurisdiction of this court"

According to reports, the former minister and her spouse had millions of cedis stolen from their home by domestic staff.

The office of the Special Prosecutor is currently investigating the matter.

A Ghanaian residing in the United States has also requested that the FBI and other US authorities investigate Cecilia Dapaah.

Source: Ghana News Update