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Two Suspects Are Arrested For A Robbery At The Gomoa Ojobi Stone Quarry.

Fri, 4 Aug 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

Central East Regional Police Command has apprehended two individuals suspected of being involved in a robbery at a stone quarry.

The robbery occurred at the Pilot Stone Quarry in Gomoa Ojobi on August 2, 2023, when a band of six thieves invaded the property.

During the robbery, GHC 200,000.00 and a laptop were taken from the company.

Moreover, the criminals targeted the staff and food vendors, seizing their mobile phones amidst the pandemonium of gunfire and violence directed at some Chinese Nationals present at the site.

After receiving a distress call, the Central East Regional Police Command responded quickly.

They promptly erected a barrier between Winneba and Kasoa, which resulted in the successful arrest of two suspects.

When law enforcement officers searched the suspects' vehicle, they discovered the stolen laptop, multiple mobile phones, and the precise amount of money stolen from the quarry company.

The authorities continue their pursuit of the remaining members of the gang responsible for the abhorrent robbery and violence at the stone quarry, and this arrest represents a significant step forward in the investigation.

The Police Command has assured the public that they will spare no effort in bringing all of the perpetrators to justice.

Source: Ghana News Update