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When You See Me Putting On Clothes And Exposing My Body, Know That I'm Going Out With My Boyfriend- BlessingCEO.

Tue, 25 Jul 2023 Source: Ghana News Update

Blessing Okoro, a prominent Nigerian relationship therapist and social media influencer, has revealed on her official Facebook page why she wears exposing clothing.

In a video, the relationship therapist and social media influencer commonly known and referred to as Blessingceo flaunted her incredible physique and the costume she wore.

According to Blessingceo, the majority of her admirers want her to always wear clothing that covers her entire body, but she is unable to do so because every occasion requires a specific outfit.

The relationship therapist made it obvious to her fans that whenever she wears a revealing outfit, she is going out with her boyfriend or to a party that requires such attire.

She stated, "When you see me dressed and exposing my body, I could be going on a dinner or date with my fiancé. You cannot decide what I should wear, but when you marry your wife or have a companion, you will have control over them. Regarding myself, I am an adult who knows what to wear for a given occasion.

Source: Ghana News Update