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Imposter Doctor Caught at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Mon, 4 Sep 2023 Source: Godblessed1

A random guy was caught impersonating a doctor at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana. He was reportedly giving prescriptions and medication to patients.

The hospital authorities are investigating the matter and have said that the impostor will be prosecuted. They have also warned the public to be vigilant and to only seek medical treatment from qualified doctors.

The impostor was reportedly able to gain access to the hospital by wearing a doctor's coat and stethoscope. He then proceeded to give prescriptions and medication to patients without conducting any examinations.

One of the patients who was treated by the impostor is a 25-year-old woman who was suffering from a fever. She said that the impostor gave her a prescription for antibiotics, but her condition worsened after taking the medication. She eventually went to see a real doctor, who diagnosed her with malaria.

The hospital authorities said that they are taking the matter very seriously and that they are working to prevent a similar incident from happening again. They have also said that they will be increasing security at the hospital to make it more difficult for impostors to gain access.

This incident is a reminder of the importance of verifying the credentials of anyone who claims to be a medical professional. It is also a reminder of the dangers of self-treating, as patients may not receive the correct diagnosis or treatment if they are not seen by a qualified doctor.

Source: Godblessed1