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Students Divided Over Calls to Ban Fire Rituals at Akenten Appiah-Menka University

Sun, 3 Sep 2023 Source: Godblessed1

The practice of fire rituals by students of Akenten Appiah-Menka University in Ghana has sparked a debate over whether or not the practice should be banned. Some students have called for a ban, citing safety concerns and the potential for the practice to be used for harmful purposes. Others have defended the practice, arguing that it is a harmless tradition that is part of their culture.

The university administration is currently investigating the matter and has not yet taken a position on whether or not to ban the practice.

Those who support a ban argue that fire is a dangerous element and that there is always the potential for accidents to happen. They also worry that the practice could be used for harmful purposes, such as intimidation or violence.

Those who defend the practice argue that fire rituals are a part of the culture of many Ghanaian communities and that they are often seen as a way to connect with the spiritual world. They also argue that the practice can be seen as a harmless way for students to let off steam and have fun.

The decision of whether or not to ban fire rituals is a complex one that should be made on a case-by-case basis. It is important to consider all of the factors involved, including the safety concerns, the cultural significance of the practice, and the potential for it to be used for harmful purposes.

The university administration is likely to weigh these factors carefully before making a decision. In the meantime, the debate over fire rituals is likely to continue.

What do you think? Should fire rituals be banned at Akenten Appiah-Menka University?

Source: Godblessed1