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David Boahen Deuces saves 17-yr Old single mother on the verge of suicide

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 Source: Harrygraphic

CEO of popular Facebook group and businessman David Boahen Deuces has extended his philanthropic act to an abandoned 17-year-old single mother of twins.

David and his team donated items and cash to help establish the woman who was abandoned by his baby daddies. According to reports, the woman has given birth to two sets of twins for two different men at the age of 17 at Mankesim in the Central Region.

Unfortunately, the supposed father of each set cannot be seen around. This has made life unbearable for the nursing mother as she attempted to take her life.

The news reached the public domain when the neighbors tried to stop her from committing suicide.

David Boahen revealed how passionate he felt when the news reached him of how the woman was planning to take her life due to hardship. "When the area people drew our attention to this situation we made a plan to support the woman. I was so touched by her situation especially considering her age and how she wanted to kill herself".

"I then appealed to my group members to support her with the little they can which I topped up to get her these items. Currently, we are planning to set her up so that she can take up her responsibilities in the future", he added.

David Boahen Deuces is the brand ambassador for Wofa sem motors for the 3rd time running. His generosity over the years should motivate everyone to help the needy if they can.

Source: Harrygraphic