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Lésbian in trouble for doing blood covenant with her partner

Thu, 3 Nov 2022 Source: Harrygraphic

A lésbian has cried to be freed from her relationship with her partner after doing covenant with her.

According to the lady she wants to date a guy she has fall in love with but due to this, she can't. She said her partner wants to kill her boyfriend because she fears losing her.

Read the confession below;

"Hi please keep me anonymous

I am a lesbian who did blood covenant with my partner because I really love her and she loves me too

The problem is my partner understand that I won't be with her forever because of my family background it's a good Christian home

Anytime I try dating guys my partner gets angry and mostly insults the guys she even disgrace me to a guy that my family wanted me to marry

Hmm I met this Keke driver and I totally fell in love with him like chale I really like this guy that eerrr I am ready to do anything for him. My partner saw this and got angry so I asked for break up but she swear never to let me go she even threaten to kill the guy so I had to break ties with the guy. She deleted the guys friend and the guys numbers and pictures from my phone hmm it's not easy because I can't let the guy go like the guy is a diamond. Now the problem is I need advice from you guys please what do you think I should do please insults are welcome"

What do you think?

Source: Harrygraphic