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My parents fled Ghana to Liberia during the 1979 coup because my Father was the adviser to Acheampong - Ebenezer Yeboah Badu recounts

Tue, 28 Jun 2022 Source: Harrygraphic

Ebenezer Yeboah Badu was born September 22, 1982, at the Manshia Hospital in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. He attended Christian Preparatory School at Bomso and JHS at Minnesota International School at Kwadaso which is now Bestway International School and SHS at Kumasi High School. He has NVTI in Maintenance Fitting. He has 18 years old set of twins: Eric Badu and Erica Badu.

His parents Grace B. Badu and Stephen N. Badu were dedicated, civil servants.

His mother was a police officer, baker, and an entrepreneur. She was also the daughter of the Queen Mother of Adwumakese kese traditional area in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, where she and her husband Kweku Badu hails from. His father was the Assistant Commissioner for Police in Ghana in 1980 during General Acheampong Government.

Ebenezer is the 10th child of his father and comes as the 4th from his mother and father’s union. His parents had 6 children and lost one on the way.

His parents fled Ghana to Liberia during the June 4th Revolution in 1979, because his father was the adviser to Acheampong.

His mother who then can visit Ghana will do so when she’s pregnant, she will give birth to her child and takes him or her back to Liberia. So she did with all her children.

Ebenezer was 10 years old when his mother brought him and his siblings back to Ghana based on a possible civil war rumor in Liberia. And went back to join her husband and continue with her baking business.

Less than a month after sending her children back to their motherland, Ebenezer’s parents were caught in the middle of Liberia’s 1989 Civil War.

The war started from Kakata where his mother was, and at that time, his father was in Monrovia and escaped to the USA, he was involved in governance in Liberia too. His mother on the hand tried escaping back to Ghana with two other girls she sent to Liberia from her hometown.

In their quest to escape back to their motherland, Ebenezer’s mother slept in the bush for a month.

“Imagine being in Ghana and watching on TV how they are killing people and your parents are there,”

he told Kwaku Manu on The Aggressive Interviews with Kwaku Manu.

His mother survived the terror of the war, she lives while Ebenezer’s father is late

Ebenezer Yeboah Badu is an ace Kumawood Actor an IT specialist, a Supervisor, and a heavy-duty Maintenance fitter, who has done lots of movies and has acted alongside great stars like Kwadwo Nkansa.

Story by: Bertha Asabea Addo

Source: Harrygraphic