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VIDEO; Ghanaian blogger bullied by first years upon arrival at alma mata

Fri, 25 Nov 2022 Source: Harrygraphic

Ghanaian blogger Harry Ahovi , the CEO of Harrygraphic.com and a former senior school prefect of Adidome Senior High School was made to kneel down as he takes several lashes on his back upon arrival at this year’s Home Coming celebration.

The old student was seen dressed in his old school uniform carrying along some bags. The rationale behind such act upon a verbal interview he was taken through is to remember those old school days and its atmosphere but unfortunately to him the juniors thought he is a new comer and unleashed him.

‘’I came here imitating all those school days life just to once again feel the atmosphere of being a student back then but the most unfortunate part of it was that, my juniors hunted me out and I have no option but to obey their instructions. I have been made to kneel down as others were giving me lashes on my back. At the back of their minds they thought I am a new student who had just arrived to school’’ he stated.

After some few hours of the incident, the former school prefect went back to the school premises in his own colors and everything turned dramatic.

Watch the video below

Source: Harrygraphic