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A Trotro driver’s girlfriend gave him a big embarrassing moment of his life over chop money

Sat, 4 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

A trotro driver's girlfriend gave him one of the most life-changing embarrassing moments of his life for not giving her chop money.

Because he didn't give her enough chop money, the trotro driver's girlfriend stormed the station and stopped the car from moving.

A trotro driver's girlfriend has humiliated him over housekeeping money, also known as chop money.

The boyfriend's girlfriend attacked his station in Sapeiman, Greater Accra, to demand more money because she felt it was not enough after he left.

She vowed never to let him move the car until he gives her the money and stood in front of the car.

The man's girlfriend mocked him, saying that since he moved to Accra, he had only been gambling away his money.

She refused the man's offer to sit in the car.

One of the drivers at the station was overheard telling her that although she had a valid point, her irritation was inappropriate given her behaviour.

She once tried to attack other station drivers who were making fun of her for being a nuisance.


Source: iNews