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Farting is spiritual weapon against satan, it cures stroke – Herbalist

Thu, 2 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

A Ghaiana herbalist explained the importance of regular farting, which can be used to treat ailments and thwart Satan.

To prevent infections and headaches, the herbalist recommends regular flatulence at least 14 times a day.

The herbalist claimed that people who fart frequently rarely get sick because they are releasing toxins from their bodies.

He went on to say that farting could be used as a spiritual weapon against the devil. He claimed that Satan detested farts in the spiritual world and that this could foil all his plans.

The herbalist claims that farting can lift a curse, treat illnesses such as strokes and rashes, and protect people from satanic attacks.

Although he has no scientific evidence to back up his claims, many people have bought into his theories about the benefits of farting.

So your recommended course of action is for us to travel to take Western medicines or remedies with side effects, Abi? I don't believe what he's saying, but that doesn't mean he's lying," wrote @NanaYawKorankye. You know, once in a contentious meeting, I farted and it all ended.

3y3 asem paa in this area of our planet, said @AnsahAkosua. You wouldn't believe how many people really trust him.

Usif replied, "We believe and pay attention to medical professionals who try and make mistakes. It has no negative consequences and is spiritual.

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Source: iNews