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Father was left traumatized and called the police immediately ‘after his ex-wife sent him this photo

Sat, 4 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

Parents who deny this are lying. Parenting is challenging. The mental and emotional strain of parenting typically leads to significant financial difficulties and career sacrifices.

Children are dependent and demanding from the moment they are born until the end of time. As a parent, you should always be looking out for your children. Unfortunately, this mother did not.

The mother, Klimova, allegedly left her naked three-month-old on a roof in the cold weather. She was recently fined, according to her husband Alexander, and the child is still in her care despite the incident.

She is said to have texted the child's father, telling him to come and see her one last time. I put her on the balcony. She might get cold. She made me angry. The mother texted her ex the heartbreaking photos of the toddler crying as she rested in a basket.

The child's father told local media: "I posted the pictures to deny my ex-wife her rights as an adult. After seeing the photos, I'm afraid of what she might do to my child. In the statement, he said: 'I am tired of thinking that she would freeze the child to death or throw him out on the street. When asked why he wasn't doing this, the father said that his heavy workload prevented him from taking care of the child. After he published the photos, the mother claimed that her ex-husband had indeed abandoned her, leaving her with the child and no money.

The child has been examined by doctors and the statement issued by the authorities following an investigation into the incident indicates that her health is normal. The mother has been fined and accused of shirking her adult responsibilities. Commenting on the Daily Mail article, many readers expressed disbelief at the woman's actions. Only one person remembered: "Sick lady! I would love to take that priceless child and give her the proper care. That they punished her and gave her the child back is incomprehensible to me. Another commentator said that she should stop raising the child, regardless of her former circumstances.

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