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Hook up is not profitable; viral Gobe seller with natural curves advises young girls

Thu, 2 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

A Dansoman gobe seller who became famous on the internet has made it to national television thanks to her hard work and God's blessing.

Viral Curcy Etornam Celestine, who is 24 years old, became famous after a picture was taken of her selling beans with gari, also known as red red, but called "gobe". In the first video that went viral, a man from Kasoa went to Dansoman just to buy her a gobe.

When people saw how naturally beautiful Etornam was, they fell in love with her food shop and her hard work. Many say that girls with curvy bodies would rather be slay queens without having to work.

Etornam made it to Media General today where she was interviewed on 3FM and appeared on TV3.

Johnnie Hughes, the host of the show, asked the viral bean seller what she thought about young girls with curvy bodies using "hook up" to sell their bodies to men. The bean seller said: "I don't think it helps.

"It's better to find something to do on your own than to use your body to get money and things from men. You end up getting sick and other things, so I don't think it's fair," she said.

An award-winning Ghanaian blogger, Sika Official, posted a snippet of the interview on Twitter and people have since reacted in different ways. "Beauty with brains. She Dey hold o," he said in response.

"But 3fm was interested in the body. And in this video, it's clear that the person who made the video wanted us to have a good look at the body. Some people sell their bodies, others sell something else. Choose how you want to sell and let others do the same," added one tweep.

"They don't interview many bean sellers, so why her?" asked one Twitter user as the interview became a topic of conversation on the bluebird app. Watch the video below and let us know who you are.

Photo Credit: TV3 Ghana

Source: iNews