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Horror as 5 men take turns to have sex with drunk student after beer binge

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

On News Twitter on Ghana Twitter feed, a young student at a nearby school who went drinking with a group of five unknown men allegedly got more than she bargained for after they took turns to rob her.

According to reports, the unsuspecting teenager was in a shop when she saw a man in his late 30s who convinced her to join them for a night of drinking.

She joined the group of five men who were drinking and they continued until 10.30 p.m. She agreed when one of the men suggested she go back to his flat to sleep as it was late at night, the source said.

The insider claims they slept in the same bedroom when they got home.

She was initially reluctant to share a bed with them, but they insisted she would be safe.

One of the alleged attackers stripped her n*kd and had sex with her with the lights on within a short space of time, the source claimed.

The other two allegedly forced her to drink more beer after talking to her.

When they had finished abusing her, they went to bed in the same bed. The next morning, one of the attackers woke her up at around 4am and told her to leave the house, the source added.

She got into a taxi and drove to her house.

When she got there, she told her parents, who hadn't yet reported the incident, what had happened.

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