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How A Man Who Had Divorced 7 Times, At 45 Years Of Age Was Delivered Of His Problem

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

Your Parentage Will Decide The War You Will Fight is the message that Dr Dk, the Founder and Presiding General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, shared on his official Facebook page. In the message, the cleric described how a man struggled with martial failure for many years.

The cleric claims to have described how a man battled marital problems in the sermon, which was broadcast via video skits. He has been divorced seven times before the age of 45. His last marriage, which ended before he went to special prayers, lasted a whole day.

He then attended a deliverance programme. The priest received a revelation as they prayed for him. The revelation revealed that the man's ancestor had in the past attacked several people who were on their way to another village for a customary wedding.

They were attacked and delayed by the man. He stole everything they owned and drank the palm wine intended for the wedding. All the items associated with the wedding were eventually stolen.

The family of the robbed groom cursed the man in anger because he had ruined their plans so completely that they could no longer hold the wedding. They cursed him so that no one would marry for the rest of his descendants.

He was now able to escape the ancestral curses that had enslaved his life for so long because God, in His faithfulness, had revealed the root of his problem.

Source: iNews