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How My Pastor Husband Blackmailed And Leaked My Sex Tape

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

Kyiri Abosom used my naked videos as a form of blackmail and later leaked them.

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Osofo Kyiri Abosom's wife, Princess Andrews, has claimed that her husband is responsible for the naked pictures of her that have been distributed to some of his church members.

Princess claims that her husband has frequently used blackmail against her.

When the founder of the Life Assembly Worship Centre sent her the films, which he claimed were his ticket to harm her, she was completely taken aback.

Some churchgoers were given access to the videos of her naked body by her husband.

In an interview with GhPage Media, the gospel singer revealed that the films that went viral were secretly shot by her housekeeper.

"After the birth of our twins, I was in the hospital. I got sick and had to stay in bed. Two weeks after my caesarean, I was unable to walk. That was when my husband started the GUM election campaign.

"She said, "My maid had installed hidden cameras that recorded my nakedness while I was on my sick bed in the Korle-Bu hospital. She took a picture of my naked body. When I started feeling better, my husband continued to use the tapes as a form of blackmail whenever I gave him feedback. I was astonished to see the video of my naked body made by my husband.

In response to Osofo Kyiri Abosom's admission that he had an affair and fathered a child with another woman, Princess has explained why her husband released the footage.

"He then secretly married another woman. His first marriage was to Dorcas, the leader of the women's fellowship at his church.

According to gospel artist Princess Andrews, the case is currently in court.

After we broke up, he sent my naked pictures to some of our church members. Some of them contacted me after seeing the film. We will be appearing at the Accra High Court on 7 February," she said.

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Source: iNews