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I Caught My Husband Lying On The Couch With Unzipped Pants And My Daughter Standing Beside Him - Naomi

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

According to Naomi, her husband exploited their daughter while she was abroad. On this particular day, she saw him standing next to her daughter with his trousers unzipped.

She returned to her parents' home with her daughter after her first marriage broke up. A year later, she started dating a man who promised to love both her and her daughter.

She later gave birth to a boy with her husband. She noticed that her husband spent a lot of time playing with her daughter. Her consent would indicate that the man might be engaging in questionable behaviour with their 8-year-old daughter, but she lacked the courage to confront him.

When she returned home one day, she found her husband asleep on the couch with his trousers undone and her daughter standing next to him. When she asked him what was wrong, as he seemed worried, her daughter told her that her father had been poking around in her private parts.

When the doctors examined her after she complained about him, they found that she had indeed been defiled with her fingers. Her husband then disappeared and is now threatening to throw her out with nothing and put her in prison if she dares.

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