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I’m Hushpuppi’s spiritual father, I helped him make millions - Spiritual President

Sat, 4 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

Spiritual President says he was responsible for Hushpuppi's ascension.

A Ghanaian spiritualist known as Spiritual President claims to have been responsible for the rise of Yahoo King Hushpuppi.

During an interview on Vibes In 5 With Arnold, he talked about how he helps pastors and Yahoo boys generate income.

He claims that if you ask him for help, he will tell you what is needed and that he doesn't care how you get it, as long as you do, because he will use it to perform the required ceremony.

According to the Spiritual President, his gods often ask for fluids from the women they sleep with, sanitary pads from unrelated women and fluids from men.

He said he helped Hushpuppi and a certain Arab Money to profit from Yahoo.

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Source: iNews