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Man In Trouble For Squeezing Cashier’s Boobs After She Turned Down His Love Proposal

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

Nkosilathi Ncube, a Zimbabwean man, appeared in court on counts of indecent assault.

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According to reports, Ncube pursued the victim romantically but she turned him down. Ncube walked to another cashier who assisted him, and when he turned to the victim, he wanted to say the same thing, but she remained silent.

Ncube became enraged after failing the third time and fondled the victims' boobs. The woman alerted the security guard with rage and contempt, who then took Ncube to the police.

Ncube was fined and later said that the incident was not intentional and that he had been drinking.

HOT VIDEO: Kiss Or Grab Game: She Prefers 8 Inches

Source: iNews