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Many Prostitutes Will Die: How Pastors Use Menstrual Pads For Rituals Revealed

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

A spiritualist has revealed what is in store for hookup girls and poor naive girls in 2023.

In an interview with Arnold Mensah Alavanyo, he claimed that this year, pastors and yahoo boys will be making money whiles women will suffer the consequences.

He claimed that for pastors and yahoo boys to get the money, they would have to sacrifice something, especially the lives of women.

The spiritualist claims that when they bring him the fluids of the hookup girls to use in rituals, the girls die and the boys get more money.

He also talked about how the pastors and yahoo boys would look for girls' menstrual pads that could be used instead of the monetary sacrifice.

The man claims he knows he will burn in hell, but he doesn't care. In the end, however, he warned the girls to be extra careful this year because he performs the rituals without considering the consequences of giving him what he wants.

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