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Men, Marry Plenty Women If The One You Are With Doesn't Have Sense - Blessing CEO Tells Men

Sat, 4 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

Blessing CEO advises guys, "Men, Marry Plenty Women If The One You Are With Doesn't Have Sense"

Blessing CEO, a relationship therapist, recently posted an update online about marriage and polygamy.

Her post has since elicited conflicting responses online. Starting off, Blessing CEO stated that she had begun teaching her sons about polygamy. She added that if their current wife causes them problems, she has recommended them to wed another woman.

She continued by urging men not to be intimidated by polygamy. She claimed that many men were suffering from abusive marriages as a result of their faith.

According to Blessing CEO, she divorced her ex-husband because he worried her out, and he later wed a different woman who brings him serenity. If a man is unhappy with his wife, she went on to say that he should marry several other women. "Men, marry plenty ladies if the one you are with doesn't have wisdom," she said in her letter.

Additionally, Blessing CEO recommended those who can't handle it to break their marriages and remain single.

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Source: iNews