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Money Talks: "Broke Guys Are Dating You Because They Don't Have Choice And They Need Help" - Lady Reveals

Thu, 2 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

We’ve all heard the saying “money talks”, and chances are it’s because of the unfortunate truth that money often talks when it comes to relationships. This point was recently highlighted in a recent statement from a young woman, who claimed that men without money are dating her because they don’t have a choice and need her help.

The idea behind this claim is that when someone is financially dependent on someone else, they become more likely to enter a relationship with them. This notion isn’t necessarily unique to the woman making the statement, as it’s often heard in conversations all around the world. The idea that someone needs to be financially dependent on another person to be in a relationship has been a long-standing issue, and it’s something that can be damaging to relationships.

Being in a relationship with someone who is reliant on you for financial stability can lead to feelings of obligation in the other person. This can create a sense of imbalance in the relationship and lead to feelings of resentment and guilt. Furthermore, if the person who is financially dependent is also emotionally vulnerable, they may be afraid to express their true feelings to their partner for fear of losing their financial stability. This can result in a cycle of unhealthy behaviors and patterns in the relationship.

There are, of course, situations in which a relationship between two people of unequal financial means can work. But the key to making it work is for both parties to be aware of the inequality and to try to create a balance in the relationship. This could involve having conversations about the different levels of financial security between the two parties, and agreeing on ways to make the relationship equal. This also means being honest about the financial status of each party, particularly when it comes to discussing their contributions in the relationship.

The issue of unequal financial means in relationships is a complex one, and it’s important to be aware that it exists. Although this statement may have been made by one person in particular, it’s important to recognize the implications of this kind of statement for relationships. Nobody should feel like they are obligated to stay in a relationship for financial gain, and no one should ever feel like they have no choice but to date someone because of their financial situation. The key is to be honest and aware of the financial makeup of the relationship, so that everyone can make sure that the relationship is fair and equitable.

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