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Mother and daughter ‘married’ to the same man share experience

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

Every married woman considers her husband's infidelity - even with her own daughter - to be the worst betrayal.

According to news trending on Ghana Twitter feed, this is the situation of a woman who shares husband with her own daughter.

Describing her horrific experience, Kukumba said that she finally learned of the deed that was taking place before her eyes when her daughter became pregnant.

She claimed that up until the birth of her baby, all efforts to get her daughter, Tumaini, to identify the culprit had been unsuccessful.

The mother recalled being devastated and angry when her daughter admitted that the grandchild she was looking after was actually her stepdaughter.

According to Afrimax, Tumaini claimed that she had never intended to have a romantic relationship with her mother, but that her father had threatened to abandon his parental duties.

She claimed that they had their first experience when her mother was away on the farm, and that they had continued to have sex ever since.

Kukumba was made to feel guilty for avoiding her sexual responsibilities and spending most of her time on the farm.

Out of self-blame, she accepted her daughter's status as her husband's mistress, and they have had 12 children together.

Kukumba, who was in tears as she described her situation, claimed that she is forced to live with them in silence in order to keep her husband and the financial support he provides.

Ezekiel, the husband in question, was proud of his family's quiet home life. Everything is fine because I apologised to them and they accepted my apology. My wife and I are happy together and I am happy with my family.

Ezekiel continues to make the disturbing appeal to his daughter to sleep with him, despite his professions of repentance and willingness to live a normal life.

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