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My Husband Dissapeared On My Wedding Day After Cutting The Cake I Was Left Stranded - Hope

Fri, 3 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

A woman named Hope from Nairobi, Kenya, described how her husband left after cutting the cake and later reappeared without any indication of where he was going, leaving her stranded on her wedding day.

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She met her husband during her three years at university. They decided to get married after dating for a while. On the day of their wedding, she arrived at the church in the afternoon, which is unusual in Kenya.

She went on to say that her in-laws took the wrong route and got stuck in traffic on Thika Road, which is why they arrived late. Her cameraman also failed to turn up at home to record the important event.

She claimed her big day was a disaster. They took their vows without incident after she finally apologised in the chapel in the afternoon. The cake was cut at the reception before they left.

Soon after, her husband was nowhere to be found. She was stuck at the reception for thirty minutes. When her husband returned, his best man asked if he'd booked a hotel for their honeymoon, but the husband insisted he hadn't.

As he didn't own a house, they were forced to return to his parents' home. He had been caught cheating on her several times, but she had forgiven him. One day, after finishing her exams, she decided to go home because she had spent a week in a hostel.

When she arrived at the hostel, she found clothes in the bathroom and in her wardrobe that didn't belong to her. She called her in-laws, who came and waited for her at home. After 30 minutes, a woman entered the house, followed by her husband.

He was unable to identify the woman, so he could only throw her clothes outside. Hope was tired of hearing him beg for forgiveness. She gathered her belongings and left.

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Source: iNews