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Police Chase Freed Murder Suspect … Over gruesome killing of a nurse in Tamale

Thu, 2 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

Abubakari Mansura-Killed and Issahaku Yacubu, alias Kanbon Naa, in fake military uniform (on the run)

A suspect who was arrested by the police in connection with the brutal murder of Corporal Agatha Nana Nabin in Tamale, but later released because the Attorney General said there wasn't enough evidence, is back in the news.

Issahaku Yacubu, also known as Kanbon Naa, is reported to be on the run. Police are looking for him because they believe he was involved in a fight between two groups in the Tamale suburb of Gumbihini in November 2022 that left a 22-year-old nurse named Abubakari Mansura dead.

Information from the capital, confirmed by the Regional Police Command and the Tamale Circuit Court, showed that Kanbon Naa escaped from the Tamale Central Hospital where he was being treated when the police tried to arrest him in connection with the nurse's death.

At about 20:00 on 6 November 2022, the Regional Police Command received a call that indiscriminate gunshots were being heard in some parts of Tamale around Moshie Zongo, Water Works and Gumbihini South.

Police patrols were sent to the area and when they got there, they found that the incident happened in three different places.

The first was in Moshie Zongo, where a group of about eight people with AK47 assault rifles, G3 rifles and pistols attacked a house and shot indiscriminately.

The second scene was in Gumbihini, about a kilometre from the first.

There, a 29-year-old woman named Hubaida Hamza was in her room, shot in the thigh and bleeding profusely.

At both scenes the police found 12 empty AK-47 cartridges, 5 empty G3 cartridges, 9 empty pistol cartridges and 3 live AK-47 cartridges.

On 10 November, while the police were still investigating, another shooting took place near Gumbihini. A woman was wounded in the thigh.

This time the indiscriminate shooting killed Abubakari Mansura, a 22-year-old nurse who had gone to meet her boyfriend.

It turned out that the shooting happened because Kanbon Naa and his group were fighting with another group led by Issahaku Anas, also known as Kanzola.

Issahaku Anas, also known as Kanzolai, Yacubu Fatao, Latif Abdul Adam, also known as Popo, and Kanbon Naa are all in jail following a police investigation.

People said that the police had already been to court with KanbonNaa, where he was charged with illegal possession of military equipment, but he never showed up because he was sick, so this time the police decided to pick him up from the hospital.

When he heard the police talking to the nurses about how he was handcuffed to the bed, he quickly removed the drip from his arm and ran away.

At the request of the police, the Tamale Circuit Court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Abubakari Mansura-Killed and Issahaku Yacubu, alias Kanbon Naa, in fake military uniform (on the run).

Source: iNews