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Radio station manager beats up female presenter mercilessly, see the shocking reason

Thu, 2 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

In this now viral video clip, Twinamatsiko Nelson, station manager of 91.5 Megerhertz Kanungu FM, is seen severely beating Tumuramye Anita, an employee, over a business commission. She demanded an agreed commission of UGX 12,000 and brought in a performance.

After a business came in and everyone claimed the commission, Mr Twinamatsiko Nelson, the current manager, and Tumuramye Anita, nicknamed Anita Rose, got into a fight.

Anita Rose worked as a cashier and receptionist at the station before Twinamatsiko Nelson was appointed manager. Nelson then fired Rose after claiming that she was qualified for the positions of cashier, receptionist, radio presenter and station manager.

Following the altercation, Anita Rose was banned from presenting some of the station's programmes.

Kanungu FM Radio, owned by Chris Baryomunsi, is located a few metres from Kanungu Town Council on the Kanungu-Rugyeyo Road near the Kanungu Resort Hotel. Chris Baryomunsi is the Minister of ICT and National Orientation.

Media personality Sarah Birymumaisho has commented on the incident, see below:


Source: iNews