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Shugatiti Lands Juicy Deal As An International P*rn Star?

Fri, 3 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

Shugatiti, a well-known n*dist from Ghana, appears to have landed a lucrative job offer in a different line of work.

The CEO of Pot of Sugar has exploded internationally after King Nasir, a well-known international p*rn celebrity, volunteered to fulfil her wish.

Shugatti recently admitted in an interview that she had never reached org*sim and that no man would ever be able to match her s*xual drive or satisfy her.

An international p*rn celebrity responded by offering to help Shugatiti achieve org*sim.

If Shugatiti accepted the deal, she would become a global p*rn celebrity.

Has Shugatiti already spoken to King Nasir to see if it would work.?

Would she accept the deal and all the requirements that came with it?

Photo credit: shugatiti/Instagram

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