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Unbelievable: GH man drugs and ‘gay’ rapes visiting male friend

Sat, 4 Feb 2023 Source: iNews

An unpleasant incident of a Ghanaian man drugging and then gay raping his male friend has been depicted in an offensive film.

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The unidentified perpetrator of the disgusting behaviour extended an invitation to his innocent male friend with the typical aim of 'vibing' with him.

This person then offered his companion a drug-infused drink with the intention of making him drunk, unconscious and completely comatose.

The victim drank the drink, unaware of his friend's strategy, and collapsed on some furniture.

Having drunk half the contents of the glass, he immediately fell unconscious.

The offender then performed cunnilingus, or oral sex, on his unconscious companion before exposing his anal cavity and having a secret relationship with him.

Many people who watched the Snapchat video were left with a bad taste in their mouths. No one could identify the victim or the perpetrator because their faces were obscured.

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Source: iNews