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Woman allegedly beaten to pulp by lover leaves her unconscious

Sat, 4 Mar 2023 Source: iNews

An unfortunate story of a woman who was allegedly beaten to death by her lover is depicted in a video that has appeared online.

The woman was injured by her fictitious lover and taken to a local medical facility in a wheelchair after suffering serious injuries.

There appeared to be a deep cut on the left side of her head, which had apparently drawn enough blood to render her unconscious. She appeared to have been injured.

The woman, who was wearing a red sleeveless top, is shown in the video covered in her own blood and her clothes appear to be soaked.

Social media users who have seen the video have expressed conflicting opinions about the woman's cruel treatment.

Many have called for the man's arrest, appalled by the callous act. Meanwhile, others have suggested that the man should be left alone because the woman will return to him after she recovers.

Many online users claim that because some women prefer violent boyfriends who treat them horribly, they believe that being abused and made to suffer is their true love language.

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