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ADISCO Viral Video: Case Adjourned To Sept. 27

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

The case has been postponed until Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

On Wednesday, 2 July 2023, the parents of the aggressor and victim were present in court to observe proceedings.

However, the bully denied the accusations of assault and causing injury against him.

Since then, the case has been postponed so that the adolescents can take their final exams.

On Friday, July 28, 2023, the infamous tyrant of Adisadel College was brought to trial.

The police unit in Cape Coast apprehended him after a video of him choking a dorm roommate went viral.

The bully was accused with harming and assaulting others.

The victim, who was suspended alongside the aggressor and bystanders during the altercation, has had his punishment revoked.

This was the result of an appeal by his mother, who did not comprehend why her son should receive the same punishment when he was the victim of abuse.

The victim is currently receiving medical and psychological care.

In the footage of the incident, the bully is seen choking the victim while striking his head against a bunk bed.

The visage of the victim became swollen and bloodied.

Ofori reported that the altercation began when he demanded his SIM card back from the aggressor.

Source: Info News Ghana