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Alan Begins Ash. Regional Tour On Monday Amidst Enthusiasm Among Delegates

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

Delegates of the NPP in the Ashanti region are ecstatic about the visit of the man they refer to as "Home boy"

The delegates of the forty-seven (47) constituencies have sworn to never disappoint Mr. Kyerematen again, but rather to ensure that he is not only the next flagbearer but also the next President of the country.

Mr. Kyerematen is scheduled to commence his engagements with delegates in the region on Monday, August 7, 2023, and conclude them on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

In the various constituencies, the only topic of conversation is his visit and how enthusiastically they intend to greet him.

The delegates have expressed optimism in his message and confidence in his promises, and they wonder why aspirants and their agents who claim to be helping polling station executives would say, for instance, that Mr. Kyerematen cannot fulfil his promise to pay them.

The delegates are of the opinion that if some of the candidates claim that his promise to pay polling station executives cannot be fulfilled, then how will the lives of polling station executives be improved within the party?

It should be noted that the Vice President and his team, who have been travelling with the slogan "It is Possible," are the ones claiming that the NPP's next leader's promise to pay polling station executives "Is not possible." This further reveals that the Vice President's campaign is only in it to deceive the delegates into voting for him, and that he does not believe in what he is promising.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Boateng Appau, a polling station executive in the region, the Vice President's campaign team's decision to attack Mr. Kyerematen's promise to pay only polling station executives is dubious.

The region is extremely prepared to vote overwhelmingly for him on Monday.

In the meantime, a group known as Patriots Vigilante has warned that it will deal with any super delegate in the Ashanti region who votes for any candidate based on bribery they have received.

According to the group led by Baffuor Osei Agyenim, the National People's Party (NPP) was founded and is still being protected by people who are committed to the democratic principles, hence the title Domo. Therefore, the super delegates must not make the error of voting for the establishment's candidate because they have been given cars and money.

Patriots Vigilante in Ashanti has demanded the complete list and photographs of all super delegates in the Ashanti region and warned them of the consequences of voting based on their stomachs rather than their conscience on August 26, 2023.

Source: Info News Ghana