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Fix The Takoradi-Agona Nkwanta Road - Deputy Minority Leader Demands

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

The Minority Deputy Minority Leader, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, is concerned that the government's 'Year of Roads' initiative appears to have neglected the Western Region.

According to the Member of Parliament for Ellembelle, there are no roads in the Region, despite the importance of transport to the economy.

"Unfortunately, despite its immense contributions to Ghana's development, the Region's road infrastructure has been completely neglected and put on the back burner by the current administration," he wrote in a July 28 report.

"President Akuffo Addo's much-touted promise of a "year of roads" appears to have conveniently bypassed the Western Region, much to the disappointment of its inhabitants," he added.

Find the complete description below: REPAIR THE TAKORADI-AGONA NKWANTA ROAD.

The Western Region of Ghana is endowed with an abundance of valuable natural resources, including gold, cocoa, timber, oil, and natural gas reserves.

Armah-Kofi Buah yields to pressure to run for reelection.

These resources have played a crucial role and tirelessly fueled the country's economic development, contributing significantly to Ghana's gross domestic product.

Despite its significant contributions to Ghana's development, the region's road infrastructure has been entirely disregarded and relegated to the back burner by the current administration.

The Western Region appears to have been conveniently excluded from President Akuffo Addo's "year of roads" initiative, much to the dismay of its residents.

Such disregard not only diminishes the significance of the region, but also violates the principles enshrined in Article 36(6) of the constitution of 1992. This constitutional mandate demands equity in the distribution of development, emphasising that economic opportunity equality must be extended without exception to every citizen and region.

Faced with such painful neglect, the following query arises:

Does the Western Region receive a proportionate amount of development under the current administration?

The unwelcome answer can be gleaned from the precarious condition of the Takoradi-Agona Junction road alone.

This vital transportation artery connects the region's main cities and towns, but it is riddled with deadly potholes and cracks, making every journey through it a perilous and hazardous endeavour.

The government cannot avoid its constitutional obligation to provide equitable and inclusive development to all regions, with the Western Region unquestionably deserving its reasonable share.

The Western region, which is the country's breadbasket, cannot be neglected.

Government must provide the region with the critically needed infrastructure development.

Western regions are deserving of greater!

Fix our highways immediately!



Source: Info News Ghana