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Ibrahim Mahama Married in A Plush Islamic Wedding In Tamale

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

Ibrahim Mahama, a renowned Ghanaian artist, married his beloved in a fitting ceremony in Tamale.

According to reports, the multiple-award-winning artist of international renown married his beloved in a lavish Islamic ceremony in Tamale.

Mr. Mahama, the founder of the breathtaking Red Clay Art Studio in Tamale, proclaimed his marriage on social media on Monday with stunningly beautiful photographs of himself and his wife smiling joyfully during the ceremony.

Mr. Ibrahim Mahama's fame, particularly in the art world, is legendary, whereas little is known about his wife.

Even before he transformed the Northern Region into a centre of artistic activity with his monumental Red Clay Art Studio, he had already established himself as a multifaceted artist of considerable talent.

His artworks had been exhibited in both Europe and North America and garnered praise from the industry's elite.

Source: Info News Ghana