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Nana Agradaa Places Curse On Her Husband For Revealing Their Secret

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

Nana Agradaa accused Maa Mercy of attempting to steal her spouse, Pastor Elvis Oduro Koranteng.

Whether or not these accusations are true, they appear to have profoundly altered Nana Agradaa's perception of her marriage.

Despite Pastor Oduro's denial of any covert romantic relationship with Maa Mercy, Nana Agradaa maintains her conviction. She recently made public statements about losing the love she once had for her spouse, revealing the severe cracks in their relationship and raising eyebrows as to why such a private matter was discussed on social media.

Netizens expressed both sympathy and criticism for her decision to air her grievances publicly. Nana Agradaa appears determined to place her husband on trial before the court of public opinion.

Nana Agradaa's heart remains unyielding, regardless of how often Pastor Oduro begs for absolution. She declares that she will never give him another opportunity.

Nana Agradaa continued her campaign to disgrace her husband by going live on social media and hurling insults and profanity at him. She disclosed that her husband had confided in Maa Mercy about their daughter's first menstruation instead of confiding in her, fueling her anger and frustration further.

In her live broadcast, Nana Agradaa referred to her husband as an ungrateful moron who manipulates affluent women for their money rather than working hard to earn his own.

Source: Info News Ghana