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Rejoinder: 3 Pro-Bawumia Chairmen Were Sacked From Alan’s Meeting In Ashanti Region

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

According to Alex Sarfo Kantanka and the misleading title, Alan's meeting in Ashanti Region "fired" three pro-Bawumia chairmen.

As vigilant and intelligent youthful NPP communicators who champion the cause of truth and fairness, we reject this propaganda-fueled claim and dismiss Chairman Kantanka's attempt to attack Alan Kyerematen's integrity and goodwill during his recent campaign for the NPP presidential nomination.

In addition, we would like to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of prominent NPP members regarding the 2023 presidential election. Simply, Chairman Kantanka's interview gives the false impression that Alan Kyerematen's campaign is divisive and intolerant of those with opposing views.

The truth, however, is that Chairman Kantaka's interview on Wontumi FM (a well-known spokesperson for one candidate in the contest for Flagbearer) was an attempt to create controversy where none existed for his own political gain. Indeed, his narrative lacked coherence and substance and was a transparent attempt to attack the enthusiasm, love, and unity that Alan Kyerematen inspires among well-intentioned NPP executives, particularly in his home region of Ashanti.

On the one hand, Chairman Kantanka asserts that he attended a meeting after receiving an invitation via a general NPP platform. However, he acknowledges in the same interview that he knew the meeting was designated for Party executives who support Alan Kyerematen's campaign.

Chairman Kantanka is quoted as saying, "Yesterday, a message was posted that Alan Kyerematen's camp, led by Eugene, was requesting a meeting at Eugene's office, which is located near Sobolo." Despite this, he claimed in the same interview, "I assumed it was a regular regional meeting, so I attended without thinking twice."

Chairman Kantanka then asserted that when he arrived at the meeting, someone "informed me that I was not supposed to be present, citing a list as the reason why I am not present at the meeting." I questioned why they did not distinguish between those who were invited to the meeting and those who were not, rather than allowing us to attend before telling us we weren't welcome.

Chairman Kantanka also indicated that he was not accommodated according to the party's traditions because he supported a different candidate. Nevertheless, he claimed in the same interview, "When I was about to leave, he gave me an envelope for transportation, and I left."

During the interview on Wontumi FM, Kantanka expressed his displeasure with the manner in which he was treated and emphasised the importance of party unity, particularly as the party's internal elections were approaching. However, the same Chairman who requested Unity stated...

"Let me speak the truth, I am no longer a child, I am 61 years old, I cannot lie for anything, for myself and my family everyone supports Wontumi, even if he is beheaded, my wife and children will vote for him, and the same thing has to do with Bawumia that even if he is beheaded, my wife and children will vote for him, Kofi Agyei (Joe card), you and I were supporting Bawumi

Chairman Kantanka then asked, "We are calling for unity in our party and are about to vote; therefore, if you inform your brother that he is not permitted to attend a meeting that you have called, can this individual, who supports the aforementioned aspirant, assist the party? Can he make us one?"

In lieu of a response, I would like to ask Chairman Kantanka a few queries that will shed light on the current reality of the race for NPP Flagbearer. Chairman Kantanka, if you are championing the cause of authentic Unity, you should be ashamed of yourself.

What are your thoughts on the well-known violence, intimidation, and discrimination perpetrated by prominent NPP elements against Alan Kyerematen's supporters?

What do you think of the blatant coercion and financial extortion of constituency and polling station administrators to vote for a particular candidate?

What do you think of the injustice and disdain shown to the other presidential candidates in Ejisu, where the NPP headquarters (which is intended for all party members and elders) has been decorated with banners of one candidate?

Chairman Kantanka and all NPP supporters, I believe, can learn from the following adage by Alan Dershowitz. "Hypocrisy is not a means of regaining moral superiority. Acting morally is not the same as pretending to be moral or claiming to be moral.

We, the Youth of NPP, stand for the Truth because only the truth can liberate us.

Alan's Youth Communicators (YOCA)

Be Daring For Alan!

Source: Info News Ghana