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Tuah Yeboah Hails Judge’s Directive For Quayson To Cross-Examine First Witness Himself

Sun, 30 Jul 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

The judge issued a warning that if Mr.

If Quayson's legal team is unable to cross-examine the first prosecution witness by Monday, July 31, the member of parliament may be forced to conduct the cross-examination himself.

On Friday, July 28, the cross-examination of the prosecution's first witness was anticipated to conclude.

He emphasised that the cross-examination had been delayed since July 2022 and it was now time to conduct it.

Quayson's legal team must act expeditiously in order to cross-examine the prosecution's first witness.

"PW1 [Prosecution Witness 1] has been in the witness box since July 12, 2022, so it has taken us over a year to conduct a simple cross-examination that the defence attorney estimated would take two hours.

"Today when we went to court, counsel for the accused had sent a letter stating that he was ill and was given a three-day excuse duty. We are aware that the court will be on vacation by July 31, so I made the point that we cannot have a witness in the box for three legal years. The judge, in her wisdom, said she will need the cross-examination of the first prosecution witness to be completed.

Source: Info News Ghana