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Video Of Moment Passenger Eases Himself On A Moving VIP Bus Trends Online

Wed, 2 Aug 2023 Source: Info News Ghana

A passenger on a VIP bus who emptied his bows on the moving vehicle disrupted the journey to their destination.

Apparently, the passenger experienced an upset stomach during the middle of the voyage.

And rather than alerting the driver to pull over so he could relieve himself, the individual decided to hold onto it until they reached a rest stop or their destination.

However, his refusal to answer nature's call caused him considerable discomfort, as he was unable to prevent his bowels from releasing the waste in his stomach.

Eventually, the commuter was compelled to board the bus in order to avert catastrophe.

The bus driver was compelled to stop the vehicle abruptly due to the foul odour emanating from the faeces.

Before resuming the voyage, all passengers were required to exit the bus so that it could be sanitised.

A man on the bus recorded the incident and sent it to an unidentified individual who was complaining about his late arrival.

Source: Info News Ghana