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Ghana has a thinking problem at the leadership level, it's not a joke anymore

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 Source: KofiPedia

Many decisions by our leaders make little sense that sometimes you wonder if they live within the same geographical location as the citizenry. It is baffling to see very well-exposed people run a country as though they are a bunch of clueless individuals who woke up and took over leadership.

It hurts to say this but there is no other way I can think of it, Ghana has a thinking problem at the leadership level. Maybe it's incompetence, maybe: but the mistakes are too elementary that it only brings you to questioning the thinking capacity of those behind them.

A smart leader would rather TAX betting companies so high that making profits will be difficult. Destroying the gambling industry would save many young people. But to take it to the already frustrated people who barely make wins is the height of it this government.

If these betting companies are makinprofitsts, then it means our people are losing money. This also means increasing Taxes from the operator's gains will bring in more revenues than taxing the consumers who win one and lose 40 bets before another win.

If I stake 50 cedis and I lose, the government should take some 20% directly from the money going to the operator. That would make more sense

What we need is critical thinking leadership, Nana has failed, from the Banking Sector Clean, Free SHS implementation approach, National Cathedral to almost every policy implemented under this government, there is a massive defect due to poor implementation. Sometimes great ideas but implementation is so poor that we don't feel the impact.

When they fail to think towards production, then they will run to taxation. Even in the taxation, they don't focus on those that require putting in some work to generate revenue like property rates and adjustments in the extraction industry, they want it easy, increase VAT, Momo Tax, betting tax.

In essence, when the government fails to do things that will bring the people and the state money, then they will come chasing the little money being made by the people to keep the wheels of the state running. Robbing Peter to pay Paul leadership.

Is that all the big schools they attended could teach these leaders?

Abolish road toll, tax sanitary products and bet winnings?

And this is coming from a man whose grandest political achievement before becoming President was prominently featured in a demonstration again VAT.

It feels like a scam seeing Nana Addo behave this way, we have been scammed.

Source: KofiPedia