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Tue, 5 Sep 2023 Source: KofiPedia

After 18 years of eyeing the highest seat of the land, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng has formerly decided not to pursue his dream of leading Ghana as a president any longer

From Alan Cash to Alan Cashout, he steps out of the race to save the cash left.

What does it mean for the man and the NPP?

A man like Alan won't just step down, I suspect this is a negotiated step down and he will be paid in full to cover his losses.

Don't be surprised if in the next few days, he throws his weight behind Dr. Bawumia, it is more likely. I don't see him going down for Ken. He could be eyeing the running mate slot with Bawumia.

Alan won't go down as one of best presidents we 'never had' he didn't excite Ghanaians with the positions he was given. Just hype and good public image have carried him through.

His stocks in the NPP dropped when he decided to resign, the emergence of Bawumia effectively killed any possibility of him leading party. But what must have hurt the most could be seeing Ken overtake him. That did not only hurt his ego, every sense of threat he possessed was eroded. Going into the race as the third best instead of the man competitor to Bawumia was not something he will be excited about.

Stepping down now is calculated, save cash and reposition himself better. Trust me, this must have come at a cost to Bawumia, it's definitely bought. He must have been promised the running mate slot too.

We wait to see.

This is really a show down between Ken and Bawumia.

This must be a huge disappointment for Ken, but he is to blame, when he made Yaw Boabeng Asamoah and Hopeson Adoye his spokespersons, what was he expecting? How can you be in politics for so long and not build people for a vision you have held on to for close to a decade?

That goes to show that he is not a good leader, not a really big loss to Ghana if you ask me

Fine gentleman, miscalculated the politics

Source: KofiPedia