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Mr. Logic vs MzGee: who has the bigger brand?

Tue, 15 Aug 2023 Source: KofiPedia

Mr. Logic vs MzGee: who has the bigger brand?

When UTV return from break to cool down tempers, MzGee tried to explain the import of her statement and took exception to Mr Logic saying she should learn on the job.

MzGee said Mr Logic should be the last person to say that because they have shared so many platforms during her decade-long experience.

Mr Logic responded that he also has a wife watching and a brand to protect and that he was in the industry for many years before MzGee entered.

He then made a sweeping statement that he has more following than MzGee's.

I felt aside from being uncalled for, it was bold.

In your estimation, do you think Mr Logic's brand is bigger than that of MzGee?

Well, let us do the analysis.

I asked ChatGpt to educate me on the metrics for measuring and comparing two different brands and this was the answer.

According to the robot, "The metrics for comparing the size of two entertainment brands typically include factors like revenue, market share, social media followers, website traffic, and audience engagement"

We cannot say much about market revenue or market share.

In terms of Social Media, Mr logic has

62,000 followers to MzGee's 321,000, he has 6429 followers on Instagram, MzGee has 685,000, more than 100 times his numbers, let's go to Twitter, the place for savages, Mr Logic has 6887 people behind him, MzGee isn't doing too well too, with 16,700 followers.

MzGee is one of the most respected entertainment brands in Ghana with a real track record of top-notch deliveries. Mr logic is a songwriter and media critic.

To say his brand is bigger than MzGee is way out of place. Of course, social media cannot be the only yardstick, however, they are entertainers, not politicians and so it counts as a major measuring metric. Especially when it is about brand visibility and acceptance.

MzGee is way bigger, and way more influential.

Mr Logic is a songwriter, what are some of his works?

I took an interest in this because it feeds into how such a person will treat the host or even handle a slip.

MzGee was a huge brand before joining Despite Media, if her ratings drops today, it is because of the nature of the program and the set up.

Her competence however has never been doubt.

Can same be said of Mr logic? What songs is he behind? How many did he write?

I think people have to be moderate when assessing themselves, especially when it about who is better of two because such claims will be verified.

Source: KofiPedia