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Sammy Awuku Empowers 839 Women to pave Way for Akuapeman Develoment

Mon, 25 Sep 2023 Source: KofiPedia

AKUAPEM NORTH CONSTITUENCY, Ghana — In a heartwarming display of community spirit and empowerment, Sammy Awuku, the former National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), is making waves in the Akuapem North Constituency. As an Aspiring Member of Parliament, he has dedicated a remarkable sum of 830,000 Ghana Cedis to bolster the working capital of 839 women traders. This initiative aims to not only uplift these women but also propel the development of the local community.

The official launch of this initiative was marked by a special event where Sammy Awuku, who is also the Director of the National Lottery, recounted an inspiring encounter with Linda Darkwaa, the Women Organizer of the Constituency. This meeting was the catalyst that ignited his passion for supporting these enterprising women.

Upon receiving the proposal, Sammy Awuku demonstrated his commitment to non-partisan assistance. He tasked the District Microfinance and Small Loans Center (MASLOC) office to collect data on female traders in the constituency, irrespective of their political affiliations.

This data collection process culminated in the formation of 35 groups, each comprised of 25 dedicated members. These groups, guided by their capable executives, took the step to createbank accounts with the Akuapem Rural Bank.

The funds, eagerly awaited, were ready just in time for the inaugural ceremony. The responsibility now rests with the group leaders, who will oversee the equitable distribution of these funds among their members.

Sammy Awuku underlined the importance of sustainability, urging traders to allocate a portion of their daily earnings to these groups. MASLOC will monitor these savings, which will be deposited at the rural bank, ensuring continued financial support.

With an eye on responsible resource management, Sammy Awuku cautioned against the misuse of these funds, particularly with the Odwira Festival on the horizon. He encouraged beneficiaries to reinvest in their businesses and save from their profits, fostering long-term growth.

Linda Darkwaa, affectionately called Yaa Baby, the Women Organizer of the Constituency, expressed heartfelt gratitude to Sammy Awuku for his willingness to support these hardworking women. She acknowledged the challenges they faced in securing assistance for these dedicated traders and praised Mr. Awuku for embracing the responsibility.

A promising future awaits, as Sammy Awuku expressed his intention to extend similar provisions to beauticians, fashion designers, and artisans. He firmly believes that by empowering small business owners in the area, he can be the catalyst for its development.

In his own words, "Poverty and hunger know no party colors," emphasizing the importance of non-discriminatory assistance. He believes that only through unity and a shared vision can the area truly flourish.

Sammy Awuku's commitment to his parliamentary bid underscores his determination to be the voice that paves the way for development in the region. His dedication to uplifting the community, regardless of political affiliations, offers a beacon of hope for a brighter future in Akuapem North Constituency.

Isaac Kyei Andoh


Source: KofiPedia